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“Blue Vessel” Review on Hindi Writer’s Site; Prakriti Anthology Proofs; Monsoon Goa Memories!

Arun Dev, the noted Hindi poet and writer, who runs the Hindi literary site Samalochan, placed a review of BLUE VESSEL on In Text, an English parallel to Samalochan. Tulika Saha reviewed the book, accounting for almost each poem, and commenting extensively. The main drive behind getting this review out is the Hindi poet Aparna Manoj.

I’m thankful to all who have taken to Blue Vessel kindly. It’s still not available in the Indian market. You can order it HERE.


Scrambled to send in the proofs of Prakirit Foundation anthology, July 18 being the deadline. These days I seem to get no time for anything. Yet I have to write, read, think about livelihood. Thankfully, not cook.

I was one of the prize winners in the all-India Prakriti Foundation open contest 2009-10 for my poem “Innuendo in the Cinema Theater”. There are some cool poets in the Prakriti collection. The winning poem was up on their site for quite some time but looks like the PF site is being revamped now. Read the poem here:

“Innuendo in the Cinema Theatre”

For Robert Hass


This, a story of two opponents
who face each other, count
silence with just an ‘ahem’.
One guesses very well
something hanky panky
went on indoors, curtained;
while the sheepish other
is embarrassed but sure that
his mate of henna beard
has cheated behind his back.

They believe, she can see,
love and kingdom is a game.
The trot of the horses and
the thundering canons are
only a few of the things
that make her chest rise
higher than the hillside on
the tremulous silver screen.

With this scene where
Satyajit Ray’s chess player
is caught unbuttoned
after returning back to
the game from a quick
love tiff with his silly wife,
the girl knows there will
never be such parables
for her even in the twilight.

In the story, trumpets play
in technicolour hands
hundred horns hoot away.
The magnificent blare
ascertains someone has
cheated and yet, has won.

Men and parodied mules,
women fleeing with babies,
roll like a carriage song.
It remains unclear who
will blink first to disentangle
overtures with their hands.
The script is in a language
she speaks but is remote
for an innuendo in her heart.

Elephants in gold brocades,
climactic chatter, tingly rosewater,
turn her lips butterfly wings
because she will see them
again and again on a screen
of her unbridled dreams.

Lastly, the soldiers march
in and the players stare:
two split fish stranded
unable to remember any
moments of lovemaking
or cheating on a pawn.
They half-rise, she waits.
Her lover leaves through
a door he takes with him:
like shadows mingling dark,
countries drawn in lines,
the two separate.


Today was the fourth day of alternating drizzle and gusty rains in Hyderabad. Full blown monsoon. Reminded me of a Goa holiday from 2011. Misty rains over the sea, white-gray sands, faded coconut fronds, and salt vapor in my hair. I was thinking or smiling.



One comment on ““Blue Vessel” Review on Hindi Writer’s Site; Prakriti Anthology Proofs; Monsoon Goa Memories!

  1. violetwrites
    September 21, 2013

    Great work Nabina!

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