Do You See?

Teaching at EFLU workshop; “Are you alive? I touch you.”; Books in Waiting

Started teaching a Creative Writing Workshop at English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) here for this month. It’s been planned for a while and had got delayed a bit. But October is the only month we can do it. Mid-November I’m gone to see my mother. Not back until the year ends.

EFLU Vice Chancellor Prof. Sunaina Singh inaugurated the workshop and Spanish professor Surendra Singh Negi coordinated the program. Here are some pics that EFLU posted on Facebook — yup, me in a sari looking a little smudged and harried. Pressures of the trade, I think!

And here’s one that doesn’t show my face 🙂



What would it be like to say this?

“Are you alive?
I touch you.
You quiver like a sea-fish.
I cover you with my net.
What are you—banded one?” (The Pool BY H.D.)

Only if that quiver is true. And only if I can ask this way.


Both the books — the second poetry collection and the short fiction collection — are almost there. I need to see them. The fiction book is gone to Frankfurt Book Fair. Poetry is cooking until November. I need to hold them in my hands.


Back to the news of the writing workshop, one sample of student appreciation, all too soon:

“Grateful to you for a wonderful session. It’s definitely going to be *Love in the time of Creative Writing Workshop.*”

Um, what can I say.



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