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EFLU Workshop Grand Finale; This Month’s Poet; Sangam Reader; Meeting Vatsa, Scholars’ Poetry Paper and more …

The month-long EFLU Creative Writing workshop ended on Oct 31. Quite a success I must say. Students seemed happy throughout the course and excited to read at the final event. Customary address by the Vice Chancellor of EFLU, a few good words from the coordinator and me and the evening belonged to the young writers. Before I forget, these students were really good, no, damn good. Spirited discussions, involved feedback, and quite a bit of good writing kept me charged up throughout the double sessions from 5-7 p.m. twice a week.

Well, to round up the grand finale, we had chai, samosa, and later photographs. You can see my photos here. The EFLU photos are here and here.

Guess who are the others I met at the event. Bina Biswas, my writer friend and poet who teaches in JNTU, Hyderabad, came by, as did Pashupathi Ganeshan, a translator and business person. See how I’m bonding with Bina here:



The Thumb Print” magazine from the northeast is a niche publication that has earned the reputation of being a repository of narratives from the region and for creating a space for socio-economic dialogue in a short span of time. I happen to be featured as “this month’s poet”. Read me here.


The second Sangam Reader, the anthology from the awesome Sangam House residency is here. My work is included with several lovely others. I took a photo, next to a kiddie thing on my table (inevitable items in my universe):



Meeting Mihir Vatsa, my young poet friend (and unofficially, my “nephew”!) on Oct 24 was fun. while visiting Hyderabad to collect his well-deserved Srinivas Rayaprol poetry prize, he came to my EFLU workshop the day we had a big tea break with cookies and patties. Then we came home where he was fed biriyani washed down with some vodka! We chatted till midnight for his cab was late in arriving to take him back to University of Hyderabad for the award event the next day. We clicked random photos and posted them on FB. Although I’m his ‘auntie-friend’, 22 yr-old Mihir dwarfs me in these pics:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Rini Barman and Prerana Choudhury are young scholars with deep interest in poetry from the Northeast. Recently, they had an excerpt from their joint paper on NE poetry and food published in a cool place. I get mentioned because I mention seasonal vegetables! Read excerpts from the paper here.


3 comments on “EFLU Workshop Grand Finale; This Month’s Poet; Sangam Reader; Meeting Vatsa, Scholars’ Poetry Paper and more …

  1. Mihir Vatsa
    November 7, 2013

    That biryani was so good! I’m glad that both EFLU workshop and reading shaped up well. Wish I had more time, but the whole Hyderabad experience was wonderful nonetheless. I hope other universities carry it forward from EFLU and HCU to develop a richer creative environment within an otherwise formidable academic space.

  2. Do You See
    November 7, 2013

    The formidable academic space rarely allows creative writing to be a separate entity. Perhaps it’s the fear that canonical text teachers would become back benchers! Glad you liked Hyderabad and loved the biriyani, Mihir. Come with more time later some time.

    I might be teaching again somewhere in Jan 2014 but nothing is certain of the education gods.

  3. Shruti sareen
    November 9, 2013

    How does one get the Sangam House reader, please?

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